Our wellness journey began in 2012 when one of our children became unwell with a virus and shortly after developed an autoimmune condition called Alopecia Universalis (AU)

After countless hours of research on this condition and gut health in general, I overhauled my family’s diet, one in all in! Eliminating foods proven to cause inflammation of the gut. we observed positive (and some immediate) results in all family members, including improved sleep patterns, behaviour and appearance.

I always had a passion to write a cookbook and so it began.. over the next four years, I developed and tested countless recipes, taking hundreds of photos and many hours editing. With the help of my amazing cousin and a few friends who edited, I self-published my first book ‘The Clean Lunchbox’ in 2017.

I now dedicate my time to living a low toxic life, free from household chemicals and eating organic fresh produce. Making fermented foods and many foods from scratch. woking in the garden to grow organic herbs, fruit and vegetables for my family.

I hope to inspire others, parents and caregivers to make and provide nourishing food for their families. Getting back to basics and taking back control of what our health and what our children consume.

Me and My Boys

I love living on an acre and a half with these boys, hubby, two dogs and an aviary full on finches.

The boys have the space and freedom to play, get dirty, be loud and grow up watching our family make to most of living off the land.

The garden is one of favourite places on the property. It’s so rewarding growing vegetables and seeing the growth each year of the fruit trees and natives.

I hope you enjoy the recipes on this site as much as my family does.

Thanks for stopping by!

Shell x

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