Gardeners Hand Balm

I am often in the garden, planting, re-potting, mulching, weeding and watering.  Gloves or no gloves my hands dry out!. This hand balm is super easy to make and you only need a few ingredients you may already have in your home.

For the Balm

20g Shea Butter, chopped
20g Cacao Butter, chopped
5g Beeswax, chopped
1/4 teaspoon Neem Oil (optional)
10 drops of your favourite essential oils. In this case I used: 5 Teatree, 2 Cedar wood and 3 Geranium.


Place the shea, cacao and wax in a small heat proof jug and melt using the double boiler method.

Remove jug from heat when butters have just melted, add your oils and stir gently. Pour into a glass jar (preferably up-cycled – washed well) and allow to cool. If you think you’ll take a while to use it, please keep in the fridge and using a clean paddle pop stick remove what you need and warm in your hand, then apply.

Otherwise leave it on the kitchen or bathroom bench and apply as needed, massaging into the dry skin. The Balm can of course be used on any dry skin but I recommend doing a test patch before using it on your face (or other sensitive areas) incase of a reaction.




– make sure you take the jug off the heat when the butters and wax have just melted. Do not boil.

– because this will be soaking into your skin  – make sure your oils are pure.

– I love to use this any time of the day but bedtime is best so it has a chance to soak in and relieve the dry and cracked skin.

Shell xx