My Sauerkraut has mould on it, should I throw it out?

Maybe! If it’s just on the surface or on the cabbage/vegetables that have been exposed to the air then a lot of the time you can remove the top layer (and inch or so) and the ferment under that (submerged in the brine) will be unspoiled.

If the ferment smells putrid or is slimy, then definitely discard and make a fresh batch.


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I can’t find vanilla powder in the shops and it’s expensive can I use essence?

Yes, by all means, in every recipe use vanilla essence or vanilla paste. Buy the best quality you can afford and use as per product instructions.

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I can’t find amaranth flour, what can I use instead?

Amaranth was readily available when I wrote my recipes. It’s a little harder to come by now so I have found that buckwheat flour to be a substitute for amaranth flour in baking. It is not as flavourful and has a similar texture outcome to amaranth.

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What do you give your kids for breakfast instead of cereal?

Most days my boys will have toast (Bread recipe page 95 of The Clean Lunchbox) with cashew paste as a spread. Other spread include raspberry jam or sometimes honey.  Blake will eat mushrooms on toast. they all eat scrambled or poached eggs and we will have sausages on mornings when we have time to cook them.

Puffed cereal is a good alternative to the rice bubbles. Quinoa, millet, buckwheat and rice all come in a plain puffed version at our local whole foods store, no sugar or preservatives.

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Do you eat organ meat?

No. Myself and my family are not keen on the taste and texture of organ meats. Although they can very nutritious are prefer to eat grass-fed organic beef, free-range or organic chicken and fish.

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What can I use instead of wheat flour?

For baking I use buckwheat, quinoa, coconut, tapioca flours and almond meal.  You can mix up your own combinations of flours in large quantities for ease of use. See recipe here.



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How long will Sauerkraut last in the fridge?

Unopened sauerkraut will last for over 6 months in the fridge.  Once we open a jar (1 litre),  we usually consume it within 2 months and have no issues with is going ‘off’. if you notice any signs of mould or a foul smell, then discard the batch.

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What do you serve instead of pasta?

I make my own pasta using a combination of flours I have on hand, eggs and oil.  See recipe here. I used to find lasagne a chore with all the preparation and layers. With home made pasta dough, we seem to have lasagne more often than bolognaise now because the pasta is easier to prepare. Rolling the dough between two sheets of baking paper for lasagne as opposed to feeding it thought a neo juicing machine to create pasta noodles.

Another option is zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash.

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Are your recipes vegan friendly?

Yes! 56 of the recipes in my book are Vegan.

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Do your kids drink Kefir?

Two out of my four boys drink water kefir when I have it on the go.  It’s a probiotic rich drink to have on an empty stomach to begin the day. Start with small amounts (1/4 cup) and build up to one cup.

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What do you use in your recipes as a sweetener?

In baking I use raw honey, or ‘date paste’. I also use date paste in curry and pasta sauces sometimes.  Generally in baking if fruit is used, such as pear, apple or bananas, this can be enough to give sweetness and honey if not necessary. The childrens taste bubs have changed since cutting refined sugars from our diet and they no longer enjoy very sweet things.

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