Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Regardless if whether I buy organic or conventional fruit and vegetables, I’ll always wash them this way either prior to storing in the fridge or before serving.

This wash only applies to fruit and veggies with a skin that you will consume, apples, oranges if you are dehydrating them, zucchini, pears, grapes, sweet potatoes etc.

I would soak the fruit or veg if it’s on the dirty dozen list. If its not on the list, just wash and use.

Vinegar Wash

Vinegar was is said to help remove 98% of bacteria that is present on the skin of fruit and vegetables. As well as reducing the pesticide residue and removing any wax from skins. Personally, I feel much better about consuming purchased produce having washed it this way .

How To:

  • Make sure your kitchen sink is clean. You can also use a large clean bowl for this instead of the sink, depending on how much you have to wash.
  • Fill the kitchen sink (about 2-3 litres) with cool water, add a 2 cups of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. I use this brand.
  • Soak fruit and veggies for 10-20 minutes. I generally soak a variety of veggies at the same time.
  • Remove produce and allow them to drain in a colander or on a clean tea towel.
  • Store as needed.