The Clean Lunchbox Book

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87+ easy-to-follow recipes free of gluten, dairy and refined sugars.

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  • 87 nutrient dense easy to follow recipes
  • free from gluten, dairy, grains, soy and refined sugars
  • autoimmne and vegan friendly food ideas
  • easy to source ingredients
  • dehydrated snacks
  • fermented foods
  • gut healing and immune boosting recipes
  • food lists for purchasing organic produce

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7 reviews for The Clean Lunchbox Book

  1. Heather Dionysius

    I absolutely adore this cook book! My children and I share quite a few allergies between us, my youngest daughter has quite a serious allergy to corn, and I am a coeliac, plus a few other intolerances. This book is the first ‘child friendly’ book I have found where we can eat everything in it. This book is so perfect for my girls lunch boxes and I honestly looooooove the recipes for myself too. Everything in this book is easy and manageable, and not tricky or time consuming. We are in love with the pancake recipe which I make every week, the smoothies, the crackers and the flat wraps, just to name a few. The recipes are so versatile and adaptable too. Best recipe book EVER!

  2. Nyree Maclellan

    Michele is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiring woman. The Clean Lunchbox is a great reference for what to avoid with food additives and a guide to better choices. What I love is that while the recipes are all good for you you never feel deprived.
    The Bread pg. 95 is my most loved recipe. It’s my daily breakfast with banana and yoghurt and truly keeps me going until lunch.

  3. Hayley Donnelly

    What a revolutionary and inspiring book this is to me. All those who read will be touched by the foundation of this amazing collection of recipes. In a world where conscious appreciation of nature and natural foods is finally widespread, The Clean Lunchbox is a must read!!

  4. Megan Bishop

    The Clean Lunchbox by Michele Lynch is a great go to cookbook for those who have allergies, intolerances or just prefer to try some new “healthier” options. What I like about this book is it shows beautiful photos of all the recipes, and I especially appreciate the variations , note and tips on the recipes too!
    Our family favourite would have to be the Amino Cashews on page 83. Definitely a must try!!!

  5. Bron McKendry

    As a mother and wife of those suffering from intolerances, it is often hard to find recipes that are easy to follow and quick to prepare! Not to mention nutritious!
    The Clean Lunch box offers a variety of gluten free, vegetarian/vegan and refined sugar recipes. These recipes not only look pleasing to the eye, but are delicious as well.
    I love the personal touches made by the author. Its wonderful to read about her family’s health journey.

  6. Koby

    This book seriously saved my lunchbox rut I was in!
    The vanilla tea cake and pear muffins are a constant request by my kids and Michele’s book is so simple and easy to follow. Her ingredients also don’t require you to go and out purchase a whole new pantry! My husband even eats our ‘special’ treats so it’s a win win in our household!
    Thankyou for such an amazing cool book that fits my families dietary needs. Xx

  7. Sonya McEwan

    My daughter cannot eat gluten, lactose or sugar. I have struggled to offer her a variety of different meals and especially avoided sweets! This book offered sweets/desserts my daughter could eat without lactose or sugar which was so refreshing! They were easy to make and very yummy. I guarantee your family will love this book. The recipes are really delicious and easy to follow.

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